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Welcome to the Philippine
Reiki Council

A united community that advocates for Reiki and its practitioners.

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About Us

The Philippine Reiki Council is a non-profit organization that advocates for Reiki and its practitioners in the Philippines. We empower practitioners through our accreditation and training programs, which are designed to promote the safe and effective use of Reiki. Our organization also serves as a collaboration hub, representing practitioners in dialogues with organizations and acting as the advisory body for Reiki in the Philippines.

Foundation and Purpose

The Philippine Reiki Council is a membership group that was created by the non-profit organization Reiki Wellness Inc. out of its desire to promote the personal and professional practice of Reiki as a service to Philippine society. This desire, in turn, was born in recognition of the following:

  • A need to foster the continuous advancement of Reiki practitioners in the areas of their personal growth, professional practice, and spiritual development;

  • A need to coordinate the various efforts made by individual practitioners to promote Reiki as a
    service in the country; and 

  • A need to create an inclusive community where Reiki practitioners can come together and share their knowledge, experiences, gifts, and talents with like-minded, and like-hearted individuals.

The Council derives its support from a core group of practitioners whose desire to serve is underpinned by the following:

  • Having experience in healing and teaching with Reiki for at least 10 years;

  • Having experience in healing using other therapeutic approaches, disciplines, and practices—particularly in the area of complementary and alternative medicine—and being trained
    and/or certified in these approaches for at least 10 years;

  • Having experience in promoting Reiki to different groups and
    communities across the country; and

  • Having demonstrated leadership in organizing nationwide projects, professional training, and national conferences on Reiki in the Philippines.

"In Reiki, we learn that we are all connected through the universal life force energy. When we realize this oneness, we understand that healing ourselves is also healing the world."


The Council's Work

  • Advocating for the promotion of Reiki in the Philippines, emphasizing its role as a holistic healing modality.

  • Seeking accreditation from national and international bodies in the field of complementary medicine.

  • Providing comprehensive training programs for Reiki practitioners, focusing on personal practice, professional practice, personal growth, and spiritual development.

  • Establishing and upholding standards and ethics for Reiki professional practice.

  • Offering an inclusive platform for Reiki practitioners from diverse lineages and practice styles to collaborate and share knowledge.

  • Serving as representatives for Reiki practitioners in the Philippines, actively engaging in dialogues and initiatives with governmental and non-governmental organizations.

  • Acting as the advisory body for Reiki practice in the Philippines, offering guidance and expertise to practitioners and organizations within the field.

Membership Benefits


Be in a safe space where you feel understood, accepted, and valued for who you are and what you contribute as a Reiki practitioner. Find opportunities for mentorship or guidance from experienced Reiki masters or teachers.

Certification and Listing

Get certified as a professional Reiki practitioner in the Philippines (upon request). Be included in a nationwide directory of Reiki practitioners.


Get access to Reiki resources including information on upcoming Reiki events, conferences, or workshops for continuing education and professional development.


Get ten percent discount on paid trainings provided by Reiki Wellness Inc. and Philippine Reiki Council. 

Get in Touch

100 K-6th, East Kamias, Quezon City, Philippines

Thank you for reaching out!

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